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Down It Burn (Bandcamp 2017)

   The atmosphere following The Heretic which explaining how the good guys turning bad as the time changes in front of their eyes leaving things badly drawn for them while everyone meets their dreams of a lifetime whether by an honest achievement or not still the rootsy Folk-Indie five-piece from Grand Junction – Colorado of Steve Kilcrease (vocals, banjo, guitar), David Rowley (upright bass), Misti Dawn (mandolin, banjolele), Nick Carter (violin) to Taylor Riley (percussion) recorded this mini album entitled .Root. EP under the outdoor’s name of Clyde and The Milltailers as the Americana musical sounds showing tremendously pure and native-locals as the tracks like Which Side Are You On or Tow relating to the wilderness aspects preserved within the rural elements promising you and the listeners a surprising untangled music harmonizing the stereo after dinner … 

Root E.P: