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Dolores Caravan (Cherry Red 1992)

   As the releasing of the debut by the original band line-up: Richard Moore (vocals, guitars), James Franklin (guitars), Will Teversham (vocals, bass guitar) and Jon White (drums) as the Shoegaze Pop exoteric with short-living period of musical career and these Marlow, England through Stereo Musicale album by Blind Mr. Jones with their creative front cover artworks based on the comic books affliction where there’s drinking, shooting and bell ringing that needs to be concluded next but fortunately, most will loving this performance. From Spooky Vibes, Regular Disease, Flying with Lux, Henna & Swayed or Lonesome Boatmen to Unforgettable Waltz and Going on Cold seems to completed the measuring good music that produced by the group – smoothly, beautifully even though they’re a little bit depressing by the lyrics and melodies but you will feel that the effects spreading by them would be mesmerizing …

Stereo Musicale: