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Dodens Vingar (Xtreem Music 2015)

   Post-apocalyptic horrors, darkness and death ruling the most mian framed basic lyrics and extreme music situations for these finest Death Metal/Doomsters collaborations of Sundvall (Sweden)/Bristol (England)band’s Ashcloud in their first album where the consisting members exist in duo of the Extreme Metal-heads; Jonny Pettersson (vocals, guitars, bass) and Gareth Nash (lead guitars, vocals) as the growlers and low-screaming seems to picturing how the terrorizing disturbance of the living dead corpses fronting the modern world community – creating much demise and death crawling, staggering but frontal in movements – driven by hunger of the living breathing creatures they’d met. Consuming the strong and bravery of even the most heroic ones to be shaken for seeing their appearance minutes before tasting the jaw of infectious power-rage of the undead rotted bodies came in your path. Abandon All Light shows all the mess in front of your eyes where blasting music and roaring vocals has given the tracks like A Hundred Years of Darkness, Watch You Children Burn, Devoured Alive and The Second Wind is Coming – shall stopping you from planning in failure but run yourself as a lonely survivor facing obliteration.

Abandon All Light: