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Divine Revenge Art (Xtreem Music 2017)


   Pure Death Metal offered fucking well by the legendary bastardos of this Spain’s extreme music scene most notorious group named Aposento – as they’re coming from the territory of Logrono, La Rioja. Featuring Manolo Saez (guitars), Manu Reyes (bass), Mark Berserk (lead vocals, lyricist) and Gabriel Valcazar (drums) sending us their second maximum recording full attack album via Bleed To Death. Head-bang your damn heads through the force-speed ahead massacre doomsday music with the mix for Black Metal, Doom, Thrash and many more affections over the influence-based on occultism, Satanism, anti-religion or blasphemy and gore terrorizing the stereo system in grind.
   Let the mega-destruction or torments rules for Partially Deceased Syndrome, Portrait of a Killer, Maleficarvm, Cannibalistic Communion and let the dead being chained while the evil itself being released to this crucible world of the pathetic in enslavement !

Bleed to Death: