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Divelta Statua Marina (Self-Released 2014)

Little less to know about the measurements of how this solo-project or illuminating enlightenment subjects being created or born just like the un-numerous stars and astral things exploded and colliding between themselves afar from a big bang theorists to the one supreme creator making all of these shapes and gases tracks and figures possible to be there – from nothing to something and then, many things until countless. One might finding that the Italian Hrdya Samudra might be a devotional mini project of someone or something being composed or recorded as before there’s zero but noises then made into fusion between them through Eco-acoustic musical broadband convulsion to re-creates other terms like hauntology, silence-core or hypnagogic files sound in Septaria Nubifera – the elusive album as rare as the approve about the missing link on human family branch but still possible to listen or search endlessly like the fatal meaningless signals with perhaps, hidden messages on Oryctographia Hidesheimensis (part 1) in 16:01 to the second parts for about 17:15. 

While you reaching out and calling your maker – the answer lies inside your brain cells …