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Dissected Fouling (Sevared/Burning Dogma 2006)

Head-banging harder like a total maniac as you found your awesome compilation for the limited exposures of death dealing in commerce of Extreme Death Metal exhibits via Human Stew recorded by the American Brutal Death Metal group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Splattered Cadaver whom never regretted for having their own total succumb to praise gore, murder, torture and sadism with the line-up: Ryan Robb (vocals), Tony Cannizarro (bass), Jay Dykas and John Lecher did their shredding guitars as explosively – grinding everything on their path for nothing but brutality via Embalmed Alive, Fucking a Legless Corpse, Gushing Gastric Chunks to Complete Carnage and Cycles of Sickened Thoughts especially, for thus maniacs out there who loved to molesting and mutilates other people quietly. An epic incarnation of your prosperous ends of lame society values. 

Human Stew: