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Died Virgin Holiday (Svart Records 2016)

The mainly bad or brilliant combinations to have Doom Rock, Symphonic meister off Metallica’s era between The Black Album and Load or Re-load timing sounds as well as the atmosphere background on Scandinavian or Finnish folklore classic in heaviest thumpers sound of Heavy Metal in traditional by Spiritus Mortis featuring Jarkko Seppala, Jussi Maijala, Kari Lavila, Sami Hynninen or Temmu Maijala and many more additional members of the band with proud heritage-based mixed with modern Sabbath’s blackest shades or slower doomy version of Judas Priest perhaps. 

The Year is One must be a great recording that you don’t want to miss before the ruins created by disasters from within the earth crust and the dawn of golden new beginning after mankind might be horrific to imagine but just being in attached to these themed tracks like Robe of Ectoplasm, I Am A name on Your Funeral Wreath, Babalon Working or Jesus Christ Son of Satan might be a terrible things to waste not to taste for you – Heavy Metal fanatic fans. 

Awesome occultism, atheism, pagans in works.

The Year is One: