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Demon Waltz (Bandcamp 2013)

   These power-force Progressive trio Apple Pie from Russia: Vartan Mkhitaryan (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion), Maxim Zhdanov (bass, background vocals, growling) and Andrey Golodukhin (drums) excellently by lesser-known fortunes to releasing these seven tracks of pleasure and delicious genre that most of the Prog-Rock fans wanted which consisting the high-range tremendous vocals, shredding riffs and limitless melodic solos to the ever forging blessed variety beats possible to make by men being presented here on the record entitled – The Gates of Never. 
   Mixing the clean and growls vocalization through Letters of a Deadman (in four parts), No Reason for This War, Strange Feeling Called Love and you would wanting more and more of them soon. 
Remarkable ! 

The Gates of Never: