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Coppercomb Twist (Pirate Heart Records 2016)


   With the likes for Classics and old Horror movies  and thus morbidity follows the youngster Punks of Northern Ireland’s four-piece whose gaining their loves and influences from the legendary name-bands like The Misfits, Voodoo Glow Skulls or My Chemical Romance with the terrifying make-ups presence attached to them – Cadaver Club members: vocalist Mr. Crowe, guitarist Dirge, bass-player Boom Chic Chic and Draggle behind the drum-sets from Skintown playing their deranged Funeral-Punk Rock music faster and edgy plus noisy sounds enact through this releasing - It’s Always The Quiet Ones that showing how your Halloween temper turns hotter and up while the killer instincts and terror of the night probably, would making you smile when others laughing, bites or scratching – tearing fleshes apart and eat them. Promoted within these songs like Southern Cemetery, Follow Me To Hell, Penny Dreadful or When Your Friends Just Won’t Stay Dead sounded fine.

It's Always The Quiet Ones: