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Circle Of Absence (Ba Da Bing! 2001)

Expanding the facts that they’re lesser known band-named as The Spiny Anteaters; the quartet of Ray Bayliss, Cathy Cheshin, Marianne Heisz and Andrew Heisz are a good Lo-Fi and Psychedelic Rock band from Ottawa, Canada whom playing their humble, dense and swirling or hypnotic surrogates mixing between sound of collage students’ group and the intensive Rock Arena from The Beatles comes back from India – era type of sound experts.
The escaping gate of theory and practice in order to make a greater composition within the live band and mixed imaginable both affecting the hearings and the brain-cells compels as the recording of the newer album from them being released. 
Well Laid Plans made the copyrighted controls over the noises effects echoing like the blessings for a band that blending their music motions between Progressive Rock and Psychedelic Indie-Rock with Pop touch like you’ve been exploring underwater via We Kicked Back or Sun Rise the opener trakc to thus semi-punkish/Indie-Pop melting pot in distortions like the example taken from Apology, Steevie M to A Little Something which comes closer to Shogaze ballads structure that makes the group unique and powerful to riding go on the adventure of the Indie Rock scene maturity process. 

Well Laid Plans: