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Catwalking Dog Days (Wild Kingdom Records 2017)

   Impressively Pop-Rock with sweetening essence selling the images of these chick-rocking trio from Stockholm – Sweden calling themselves Heavy Tiger; Maja Linn (guitar-slinger and singer), Astrid Carsbring (the drummer) and Sara Frendin (bass player) formed from one pure mission off Maja to make an ultimate Rock N’ Roll band with unique style or dedication of talents not commercial and company-oriented meets her two “sister in Rock” as lucks struck them and Heavy Tiger was born since then. Beautiful teenage girls meet guitars and Rock Music probably becoming one good reason for you to have them as the releasing for the second album – Glitter did the little bit more of promotional about them music as well as boys can listening to great Pop-Rock tunes or just staring at these fine lovely rocking girls for minutes. 
You will loving them repertoir songs starting from I Go for The Cheap Ones, Shake Me, No Tears in Tokyo, The Only Way is Up and Keeper of The Flame – might sounded cheesy and too good not for sing-along quality time karaoke.