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Caterwaul (Bandcamp 2016)

Orillia, Ontario's skillful trio of rock-heads Myke Caouette (bass), Will Tenant (drums) and Jamie Hafffenden (guitars, vocals) liberating their ideas and controls over these Progressive Math-Core group of Like Animals rushing the sonic-metallic essence of loud music via this sexy E.P Feral but the meaningful tension might getting better or worst depends on how you can handling the standard full of arts methods of screamo metal-tinged ticks through Lounge Lizards, The Lion’s Share or Jungle Book of Love felt like toxic cocktails for rockers !

A non-celebrating the natural force of mother nature's shed tears and waiting to have her next revenge on our civilizations for being dishonest, fake and greedy on using her kindness by raping, torturing and devastating. Now, perhaps - we all going to get some from her back ... 

Feral (EP):