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Carrion Betrayer (Independent 2014)


   Phoenix, Arizona contribution to Grindcore scene in US and worldwide; because this type of music kills and the quartet of Woundvac for releasing the extended play of the latest Infamy where even god would cry hearing these seven tracks which consisting short blasting music and speed terror raging metallic that blinds the eyes or popping them out as the universe will shaken hard and might be too destructive for the cosmic.
   Dwell or A Remedy so vile lasted only for one and fifty minutes top comes drilling as the riffs heavier to chops and the growling vocals really shall burn your stereo down on earthquake magnitude – you might need to trying this on loud volume and then can calling yourself a Grindcore fanatic fans ! 
   Infamy 7" is totally demolish and last but not least, you will find a bonus track of Suicide Note pt.2 (Pantera cover song) delightedly remake in a well-deserved version by Arizona’s dry climate. 

Infamy 7":