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Buttcrack (Bandcamp 2015)

Raw but not totally brutal, bewildering but not comes in with fucked up music – the groovy punkish group from Valence – France calling themselves: Bad Chickens and consisting of JuFuck (guitars), FA (guitars), Ulrich (drums, vocals), Patrick (bass) and Damien (vocals) might pleasurely, taken their influences from The Ramones, The Damned to The Circle Jerks and The Germs in a more professional ways possible to ruin your auntie’s samovar tea party as you and your naughty friends sabotage the garden’s water-sprinkles and setting the wrong timer to makes everyone wet including the cakes, cookies and the gowns or the chairs as well. 
Don’t force to blaming yourself for that because young ages only comes once in this life and as your gangs pogo-ing in pleasurable laughs as mission accomplished – among the noisy rocking tracks off the recording: We’re Party Animals where mostly everything comes aloud and blasting to make the elder ears bleeding hard – shit may happens as well. Kimco Biker Chick, Don’t try to fart higher than Your asshole, Single Men, Docteur Lulu to Monkey Boy and Sick Boy; you got caught red-handed by your uncle for while doing that things to his wife’s special occasion. As your uncle and you throwing punches and curses, make sure that the music of Punk-Rock from Bad Chickens kept on bursting loud and the ruined may getting even much worse !

We're Party Animals: