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Bubble What U Eat (Bandcamp 2016)

   Seattle – WA’s trio Michael Belkin (guitars, vocals), Steve Newton (bass, vocals) and Joe Doria (hammond organ, piano) established themselves as The Refusers with their general manager: John N Wilson speaking out about the musical defiance of standard Hard Rock Arena; as well as today’s spirit’s of rage and simmering towards – Wake Up America as the album constructed to build back the foundations of a great nation – the U.S of A and you might also needed to blossoming your interests as well to be reformed in a good way just like being inspired by these tracks of courageous and never ending freedom of moving on spirits collectively being written there through-out the tracks demanding future results of making the country greater again as the simply, relaxing and Pub-Rock related musical blows on your stereo. 
You Won’t Read it in The NY Times, Born To Rock, Hang The Bankers, Backlash, Information Jinkie, 2 Big 2 Fail or Shop Until You Drop must be a confusion matters to discuss as one may pointing this album as a republican side music but some others shall calmly put this record on their Democrats’ collection music or then, the middle class grabbing their chance an took The Refusers to themselves as national heroes for all. Nobody knows about which paths really had been taken after this just like the questioning over Professor Friedman’s Magic Money Contraption raising your curiosity … 

Wake Up America: