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Boyfriend’s A … (Stephanie Dawson 2014)

   An all-girls quartet of Hard Rock and Hair Metal group from North East England consisting of the beauties of essential Pop-Rock female crew: Emma Venom (drums, backing vocals), Liv Fast (bass, backing vocals), Izzy Dead (lead guitars, vocals) and Steph Flesh (lead vocals, guitars) as they’re working with Kim Fowley and being influenced by KISS, Alice Cooper, Guns N’ Roses or Nirvana rocking version but truly would be the next courageous band like The Runaways in a modern times to releasing their mini album Run Away just like the classic hard rocking excellent sounds voyage within either Up All night or Over You and don’t wanna to ended as only another victims of an unresponsible ugly men’s world-class bitch whom can’t do anything but a stuck doll. 

Yes, you going to love the mighty riffs and the tremendous melodies on this !

Run Away: