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War Creature (Soulseller Records 2016)

   Consisting of female singer Virginia Monti, Riccardo Giuffre on bass guitar, Jacopo Fallai the guitarist and Mirko Buia on drums; these occults Stoner Rock and bluesy inflicted on the 70’s rock music, classic Heavy Metal acts like Black Sabbath, Trouble, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane or Coven and Lucio Fulci as the horror themes following to conquer the background music on Psychedelic Witchcraft from Firenze and led by the beautiful dark soul of virgin witch female and bursting vintage rocking music to listen, learn and comforting your uneasy confusing hearts at night. Combining their onward scented fragments of Psychedelic sounds with more Hard Rock tension here on The Vision as a debut recording; the band really standing tall and never fails to surprising you, your filthy rocker dad or your pagan grandpa over those grooving perfection closely to heaven tricky side of gloom and poisoning drinks to taste via the ritualistic standard rock sensual via Wicked Ways, Witches Arise, Demon Liar, Different and The Only One That Knows – probably, fits for you witching hour counts before the winter equinox arrived.

Bluesy and magical ...

The Vision: