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Big Rock Bird (Sub Pop 2009)

Portland, Oregon didn’t always leaving your mind with just the infamous Trailblazers team but after this occasion for you to listen to the Folk-Rock melodic of Indie scene of non-commercial themed and social values argumentation or sharing thoughts within the young musicians whom looking like they’re being abducted from The Rolling Stones concert or Hippie coalition’s league for the new millennium volunteers but actually, they’re the band jamming along with the so-called naming establish as Blitzen Trapper; releasing the mini recording with brilliant Classic Rock n’ Roll as well as Folk-Pop tensions via Black River Killer which sounding like heavenly sending music made out of America and cementing the band’s first appearance to forever being great groovy things provided by the consisting members: Eric Earley (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Erik Menteer (guitars, keyboards), Marty Marquis (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Michael Van Pelt (bass guitar), Drew Laughery (keyboards) and Brian Koch (drums) as melodramatically delivering their softer harmony over melodies like the semi-acoustic Rock music retro-lining from the seventies to be mixed with Prog-Rock sessions and Folk as the main ingredient and wiser words to sealed themselves being classified into a very groovy good and talented musicians of the new era as the promising steps forward for Alternative Music developments like the example tracks like Preacher’s Sister’s Boy, Shoulder Full of You, Silver Moon and Going Down – balancing the mystique, the rocking issues and the transparent messaging to be interpreted again later  - living inside every single listeners since then … 

Black River Killer: