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Beretta Lake (Self-Released 2017)

   The promise for taking you and your delighted love for Dance music higher won’t be spoiled because that’s the kind of promise kept by Mr.SuicideSheep right after releasing his freely commercial recording on this album with the same name as the his own label – Seeking Blue. 
One and the rest could listening by enjoyment of dancing while the potential and patent sounds from thus track-lists reeling the rhythms , the melodies, the beats and the echoing colors of Pop culture achievements may exactly being heard through songs like the mighty Leave It All (feat. Calica), Pure Luck (feat. Freya Staer) and Falling Down (feat. Maty Noyes) or Birds (feat. The Powder Room) and many more as well as. Variety mixes and blending of fully loaded influences from everywhere can be heard on this proving record which Mr.SuicideSheep acting as your guidance for taming the excitements over how to combining more good sounds marked from EDM, Rn’B to Hip-Jop and Bluesy Pop and turning them all into some of the most perfect Electro/Techno-House that progressively, attractive to listen.  

Don’t ruin your hang-out by having bad music surrounds you – choose this album and be merry – girls! 

Seeking Blue: