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Barrel Double (Ryan Paladino 2010)

   Headlining some more locals performance where they’re formed from there in Vienna, VA; the consisting trio players for this Alternative Pop-Rock band Irresponsible: Michael Snodgrass (bass), TJ Rogers (drums) and Ryan Paladino (guitar, vocals) may distinctively led their soft distortions on Punk Rock progression sounds which definitely professional and easy listening that tackling more rocking hits of their own within the releasing debut album – Life Art Love. 
Mixing the romance kissing, natural panorama to daily news around their lives, Irresponsible really could attracting anyone whose listening to them quite quickly as the proven tracks like Self Destruct, Invicible, Monday 9am, Principe and Tragedy should supposing to shares the members experiences whether related to honesty or not but the music itself spoken like a good promising band to the ears. 

Life Art Love: