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Barbells Third Leg (Metal Blade Records 1995)


   You Have The Right to Remain Silent … definitely blending the essential Hardcore riffs and Heavy Metal to Death Metal attitudes to the next level off what it seems the media called it Cross-Over and X-Cops reality isn’t just only fully attacking the broken corrupted system and the injustice governments but also the non-limited amounts of how crimes growing over-loaded nowadays as the piling-up of victims and dead bodies of the fallen heroes or thus countless collateral damage adding each days since the war on terror turning not only the organized criminals and terrorists cells to spreading like a mad cow disease across nation’s borders and beyond – scratching deeper onto the flesh of society and leaving scars and pain endlessly.
You can approved it towards Cavity Search, Welcome to New Jersey, Your Mother, The Party’s Over, Paddy Wagon Rape or You Fucked Up and Zipper Pig. 

Die fighting or die with style or life and kick the tyrant in the jaw – harder to win the more lawful of tomorrow (not) victims of fate !  

You Have The Right to Remain Silent: