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Axe Grind Venom (Black Widow Records 2005)

   Never a serious meeting for making this lot a good band project; Bedemon formed by drummer Geof O’Keefe and Randy Palmer  the Pentagram guitar-player, recording series of underground and Classic Heavy Metal music from the 70’s influences through Bedemon in a low quality but might forcing those whom listening to it turning madly craze for head-banging slow doomy Sludge-Punk or Thrash-core metallic completed by thus demonic and hallucinating themes forbid to play because will disturbing the normal world with insanity various stories r tales praising satan and occult-realm taken from the original master tapes compilation of Child of Darkness; there you have them open and released onto your stereo system like dangerous entities.

Frozen Fear to Enslaver of Humanity to Drive Me to The Grave or Through The Gates of Hell are all fits to invocating your self-demonic figure or an opener for the portal being open from another dimension carrying the way for our ultimate anti-christ destructive figure of a small girl in re-incarnation. 

Child of Darkness: