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Auspicious King (Ahdistuksen Aihio 2012)

   Blending Black Metal harsh and raw subversive sounds and atmosphere with some Vedic Astrology or Hindu faith seems to be a little bit cliché but how you can resist this if one of the extreme metallic group from Finland decided to do this instead of just performing like an ordinary Black Metal bands around them. Choosing the name of Rahu which refers to the mythology giant snake that swallows the sun and moon known as eclipse from the Hindu beliefs, formed by the double demonic heads of Kobalt (vocals, drums) and Atvar (guitar, bass) as Rahu releasing their full album attacks within The Quest For The Vajra Of Shadows lasted for over forty minutes and twenty-three seconds by durations – dealing with some ancient mystic to the exclusive folklore from the book of Vedic synthesis towards the modern perspective on prophecy and apocalypse themes like being shown in roaring extremity via Ordeal of X, Samudra Manthan, Kalas Bleed for The Sun-Eater and more to scares your twentieth century minds and souls just being overcome unwell after hearing this thrilling-records ! 

The Quest for The Vajra of Shadows: