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Atlantis Heliosis (Bandcamp 2016)

Experimentation through Djent Progressive Metal music and the internal interests as the band’s using Charles Darwin introductions as well for the powerful five-piece group’s releasing through Efflux. Meeting with the Los Angeles band – Samudra (Vast Ocean) in such technicals, passionate, spanning type from technical Death Metal to Jazz soundings as the endeavor of musical noise journey didn’t just stop there on one point but wandering wider as the basic themes forwarded via the elements of life and humanitarian issues like faith, depressive guilt, regrets or crafted missions touches your inner-sanctum as the parade of only six tracks may lasted like half hour of bewildering sensibility follows the path of Samudra music by Efflux. Whether you will love A Promise Between Impossibilities by six minutes more durations or Without Light and Displacement roars – just make sure that you also try to recognizing the members as well because they seems to be elusive in identity at the moment.