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Ariadne Jean Domestique (One little Indian 1994)

Balancing talents more than just skills Jan-Willem Alkema, Jeronimo Nieto, Joseph Mary Barry to Sid Rainey  aren’t Stone Temple Pilots but as they’re known as Compulsion quartet and bring their own quite closing Grungy version of Alternative Rock tempers within the releasing album debut called Comforter, as the cover front artwork looks interesting as catchy as weird as well; you may finding that the tracks written and composed in this record are also familiar for the mixing patch of "don't you cry" anthems via Punk, Indie Rock and more Modern touches which presenting those songs to be equally delicious in themes or lyrics meaning and one could grab them as favorite just like when you feel like connected for listening to Mall Monarchy, Air-Raid for The Neighbours, Yancy Dangerfield’sDelusions or I Am John’s Brain to Dick Dale Rick and Ricky might sounding ridiculously interesting to catch because of the simple honesty feelings about urban or suburban territory living dialogs of everyday, marked as well as devoted distorted and angst mixed with pure social values seeing front to the future and never leave the past too far behind it.