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Ankle Nippa (Bandcamp 2009)

Recorded, produced and written Carl Sundquist using his more selling alias name of Soundquist which releasing this funny miraculous instrumental experiments of sounds and noises blending for Change Machine that once being sensationally self-recognized by the legendary pioneers such as Kraftwerk, Industrial New Wave and more experimenting artists from the early eighties before Pop music taken over and reign the beats leaving the independent music of Electo-Poluphonic and Re-sampling Dance or acoustic Indie Technoof a pinball machine turned to music in the hand of Soundquist and one shall focusing more about it while having the recording plays on the stereo or PC as technology will eventually guiding your daily life these days just like your head might hungry to have the filled-up of machine noise sounds via Bistro, Redux, Shudup, Herbalone(y) as well as Point Blanki and Ringtone. 

Love your noisy machine !

Change Machine: