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Andrew Moore (Amphetamine Reptile Records 1993)

Noisy Garage Hard Rock or Minneapolis’ standard Punk-Metal band trio by calling themselves Vertigo might giving some satisfaction for anyone who loved to hearing some semi-faster delivering of Punkish and hard rocking tempos beats while the lyrics are bit honest and low-profiling as down to earth. 
The third album of them –Nail Hole which performs by Bill Beeman, Gene Tangren and Jared Aos sounding cool to used in rowdy protests at campus or extreme skateboarding actions even though the by standard sounds made by them is a little bit metallic than Punk but you will agree to head-banging for the noisy tracks to follow like King of Terror, Wooden Nickel, Coming Down, Up The Road to Mice Don’t Complain – as the speaker screaming not speaks. 

Nail Hole: