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American Dirty Alleys (Earth Girl 2015)

   From Hattiesburg, Mississippi came this blatant of simply things un-popular products of Garage Punk-Rock led by the main figures like Hampton Martin, Sarah Krock or Zach Burton among others as the most valuable loyalist members  for the group – Big Bleach. Releasing this awkward but tremendously sensual sensation on low-budget recording e.p called Under The Bleacherz by seven tracks available there for you to get naked and jumps in the bath-tube before filling it with water as the remains of thus lyrics sarcastic to listen and too harsh for learning more but the reality shall knocks you out harder like the terrible dumb music like The Sex Pistols doing Debbie Harry an anal action while the rest of CBGB’s watching them in amaze – might counting as the same moment when you cranking the abusive songs off Bad Boy Leather II, Biker Love Song, I’m A Punk and Party with me Punker ! Shut-up the fuck out …

Under The Bleacherz: