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Alchemy Invocation (Wolftyr Productions 2014)

   Twelve portion of both extreme Black Metal occults and witchcraft’s spells forbidden to widely spreading listened by the public but insecurity, the sacred is within the most of them whose knowledge as deeper and as old as the perepetual evil, demonic, enlightenment or redemption under the greater power both visible and invisible attached within the ancient beliefs and the way of the elders wiser enough to whether to raise-up or to burnt down the cataleptic events or moments within. Nuremberg, Germany’s one female project of witchcraft ceremonies called Witchblood perhaps, would filling your quench for the most extreme brutal sensuality of arousing format and murderous touch within the themes pledged there as your demonic virgin goddess figure on blonde beauty - Iron Meggido doing the vocals, guitars and bass for the releasing album debut Hail to Lyderhorn exactly portraying the cold mountains of nameless territory where god won’t dare to showing his grace upon it because evil dwells first and stronger by numbers and strength just like the blasphemous tracks of emotional and devotional laying like a sacrificial virgin men on the altar of madness through Ancient Malevolence, Spirit’s Curse, Except of Ice, Solar Self or Hexenblut. 

Everything you need to offers for the occult’s demanding ...

Hail to Lyderhorn: