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Abyssum Invocat (Bilocation Records 2014)

Parts of Clutch, parts of Skynyrd, parts of the rowdy rebel rousing tempos and mixture of metallic Southern-based rock music under the baptizing name of Mexicoma – the group that came not from Mexico but farther North of Sweden in Umea to be exact. Within the line-up members: Charlie Dahl (bass), Oskar Melander (drums), triple-powers for Nicklas Viberg and Peter Norstedt and Olle Sjolund (guitars) and Magnus Olsson (vocals) releasing their latest and probably, the last rites off the band’s collective composures on Obsidian Monolith; which definitely sounded complete from the thumping blast beats of angst to thus riff-age of both rocking metallic and groovy tones onto the excessive force build by the solid combinations from the band themselves in the making ballistic sessions over tracks of anthems like Mortified, Supersonic Speed, Alien Radio, Room 101 or island of Ghost to West of Memphis – like the reaching for our gates of a new nation called the South-land  are closely re-painting towards this album. Brilliant, loud and hard with the permanent taste of your favorite guitar-based music for rockers praising the black stoned building as an altar for occult-paganism !!!

Obsidian Monolith: