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A Killer Like You (Reflections Records 2016)


   Luciferium et harmonium followers or an active admirer gives you a shocking Occultism mixing between the sounds of total Blues Rock mystique and thus more Extreme Black Metal, Stoner, Sludge, Grungy power of metallic heavier but also the Electronic/semi-Dubstep boom-coustic and more sirens clever arts of recording sessions composed by this David Burger or Dominic Oehen under the disguising figurine group calling Zeal and Ardor which sounded like Radiohead's spirit's circus being attacks by The White Stripes and Burzum using the black slaves body from the cotton fields nearby as the killing didn't stop until nobody breathing inside the giant colorful tents and your screaming tension vocals like Satanic invites the regular shaped master into the album here - Devil is Fine. Nine tracks experimental with double pedals insanity from hell, dub-features terror lyrics and samples of horror whispers through out the dynamite riffs and Metal Power techniques via New Yorker's influences musical sounds through Sacrilegium I or Come on Down, Children's Summon onto Blood in The River as the background of civilized broken rights by treason and injustice to American slaves story would be a fit popular grinding or Bluesy music to compare to other products coming out from NYC.

Native, unique, very dangerous ...

Devil is Fine: