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06:29 2 (Bandcamp 2017)

   Somewhere in UK there’s a pulse which keeps on coming like a heart-beat alive started as a hole of disobedience through revolting themes or lyrics but as the momentary lapse of new millennium silence reacts like small explosions towards every single territory liking to adopts this type of musical portraying pulse of anomalies but never lose its balance for over-taking the global interests for it legacy since the death of many martyrs from the kingdom era to the pressure-drop third countries times and there you have it in a bit different style of moderate Trip-Hop or mid-term soft Reggae-Dub tones of Lion Cub Dub in four minutes, thirty seconds with Electronic IDM, Ambient House, DubTechno - et cetera. Like seeing the leaves of our plants dancing without the trees to supporting them as the harmony via Ruffington Dubs composed by Slownoise treading the Reggae-Dub musical sounds to a higher level of wallowed infinity via air flows and atmosphere opening the skies wider and yours likely hidden towards the ideas of Jeremy Davies off United Kingdom’s brand products.  

Ruffington Dubs: