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Sufi Disco (Wonderwheel Recordings 2009)

   Don’t hesitate to get too suspicious not to trying and find that you might be just followed by The Spy Of Cairo; a protégé solo project of Arab-Dub compilation recording sounds made creatively by Moreno Visini also known a bit as Zeb or The Pleb but here this man had his time miraculously plenty with thus enriched tempos and infamous traditional sample, live music or noises describing the surroundings of Arabic neighborhood through the Middle East or North Africa via music to the world. From Electronic, Folk, Dub, Down-tempo and Break-Core that matters; Blood and Honey (vocals by Ghalia Benali) also Bennaty with Ghalia Benali – onto Saidi The Man, Leila or Kurdish Night onto Reggada must be really might amazed you how particularly various the Arabic World music heritage meets the modern beats must be sounded like in the recording of Secretly Famous … 

Secretly Famous:

Racatin Alfama (Wonderwheel Recordings 2017)

Feel the newest imaginative sounds mixing of Azulejos created y the Italian producer or live performer for Electronic music in your World Music’s kafe auch like upside-down corrections from slow-tempo to mid-tempo and futuristic noises by Andrea Mangia or known to some as Populous.

On this latest recording of himself through Hip-Hop, House, Dub to Electro-Pop under the art-deco non-commercial affections and both Southern European to Latino musical mergers; go dance and move your hips or stepping like flamingo on lust slower following these songs of lesser-known but magical to build back love via Alala, Azul Oro feat. Ela Minus, Voz Serena, Caparica to Mi Sueno. Feel the rhythm, feel the harmful beats …


Str8 Automaton (Independent 2013)

   Smoke-out and exhales them for this clumsy topping variety of smooth bassline, sputtering lurchy of hap-hazardous beats alongside the overtones of acidic and syncopated tones grooving the handclaps and other meek-a-mouse samplings and other possible noises for this clever/weird/extra-ordinary and futuristic Philadelphia, PA’s good elaborate experimental Electronic-Ambient project named Moon Bounce. Just listen and perhaps, you would appreciated and loves these tracks providing here by the Wheelhouse ep as Flood Gate to She Goes 2 She and Arcade or U may arousing your experience souls to expecting something surprising as the life might brings hours later …

Wheelhouse ep:

The Martian Way (Not On Label 2012)

   Another presentations of music sounds available when your ears just catching the soft and funky mellow tones from elsewhere floating by the smooth wind tonight and the coffee or half-cold beer already giving the head a good measurement whether it’s single night out or you having trouble with your quarreling wife or boring family at home but don’t wanted to go out and cheats. 
Then, Jazz music carrying its instrumental performance with high stills and techniques really squeezing your way to drop-off and moving to the right direction; going to thus small alley and following the louder beats of cool Jazz instrumental music from somewhere. 
Dark but never could stopping your steps to find the place of thus Avant-Garde/Post-Bop Jazzy tunes played by the trio of Anteater: Jacob Zimmerman the saxophonist, Kim Cass on upright bass and percussionist Sam Ospovat lending their half-commercial, good harmonies, sad tunes or remarkable hopes through the self-titled which presented by the songs of Blackupuncture, Form 1311 and Narrow Gauge and there you have it – the old lounge behind the unmarked old town spot where people may finding happiness but forever won’t coming back; some said the reptilians ate them. 


Skid Row You (Bandcamp 2016)

   A.K.A The young godless of the internet ghost chasing the dreams as being influenced by great grief, negative vibes, medication, substance of depression, blue sky black death to the sleepless and hibernation as the creative figure here known as Skinxbones from Neo-Manila; impressively – making these tracks over Distances and Xanax within the complicated suicidal cloud Rap or Dead Hop or Post Swag Emo-Trap to Drone-Hop or Rivotrillwave-motional as many more newer sub-genre of music taken out or blends from Hip-Hop or Rap instrumentals with Rn’ B, Alternative Soul, Indie Rock and Trip-Hop tremor beats like you got them here already recorded slightly good even though it’s only private sessions but one shall finding how unique the songs being written and composed here like Worst of Me, Eyebags, Collider, Bohemian Grove to How So ? feat. Nemesis Q or Ghost in The Shell feat. Omega will expanding your nurturing minds in search for more learning fusion off how massive and various Hip-Hop/Rap has becoming to turn in many differences like this Filipino’s instrumental musical album. 

Distances and Xanax:

Paradigm Sky Fish (Bandcamp 2009)

   Is it really good to be Animal Nation whose doing positive things within their lives like playing some Hip-Hop tunes, paying the rent or partying and relaxing while hanging-out doesn’t mean that you must be totally drunk or fucked up but for Mike “Armadillo Slim” Armitage and Garnet “Tall Man” Clare as a duo of your surely might be a new favorable Old School Rap and Alternative Hip-Hop collections by general through the ultimate Animal Nation music that proudly sharing the heritage of the good Big Apple rhythmic breath blessings that never faded away as the next generations needs to come back to hearing the magnificent superb scratching that can be found here on the group’s album release – Understanding More About Nothing that interestingly, sounded wiser and mature but on the same time also the protests from the Hip-Hop urban area to the social issues comes and go around them that sometimes can creating fatality towards good friends, neighbors to the love ones. With the scientific connection or opinions as well as the general themes which nailing almost the complete news to spreading by the lyrics from these Vancouver crew sticking onto your heads like a post-it or glue within the home-based repertoir track-lists such as Caribbean Nights and The Electrifying Technicolor Dreamscapes, The Fez, Her Dangerous Smile, The Caper feat. Mat The Alien to Feels Real or Street Shadows which calling the listeners to paying more attentions to them the cast-out or you childhood friends or even strangers; not to lose hope but trusted the hard working and the kindness where you can help the community by creating goodness or opportunity rather than toss people to laziness and shoot-outs by making great music beats within old samples and crazy style of scratches – kicking the fucking boredom out. 

Understanding More About Nothing:

Hunger Est (Dark Descent Records 2017)

   Debauchery curses, anti-christianity pleasures and occultism history as the forbidden lyrics of raw Extreme Heavy Metal grabbing the essential of Black and Thrash Metal combinations burst like explosions made out of the hell below upon your face as it melts and one scream out – the loud devotions of swearing and curse of spell to chants in turns filling the necessity of the magical black Satanism of London’s premium group called Craven Idol – releasing their latest off The Shackles of Mammon which consisting these four-piece fierce blasting of blackest force of destructive measurements over the religious community and Christian matters to be entirely destroyed onto ashes under the fleshy horrific influences from Bathory, Manila Road and Inquisition. 
As you might loving the early pioneers that making Black Metal Thrashy scene becomes alive and powerful thanks to the essential horrible hell-noise back then on the old days as the vulture gods conquering the last humans and the devastation of the planet surely, being perfectly onto the processing of torturing, mutilated, sacrificial and enslavement of mankind by the higher ruling order led by the old ancient pagan gods as the fire-blaster tracks like A Ripping Strike, The Trudge, Dashed to Death, Tottering Cities of Men and consuming the guts of what’s left of pathetic laws of the modern days spit or burnt like the bible-codes by Immolator of Sadistik Wrath, Suspiral, Heretic Blades and Obscenitor. 

The Shackles of Mammon:

Pest (Snail Sounds 2005)

Used to be called themselves formerly as Joe and the Chicken Heads on the nineties era but due to the more extreme pollutant years after that and as the new millennium comes and shows of more raping sessions of humanity to planet earth as they’re building the new shape of terra-forms by destroying the old house and themselves in the process; Radioactive Chicken Heads re-born and brought to you and the rest from outside of Los Angeles – these comedy of Alternative Punk-Rock made to be laughable or carried out as an anthem for the looney people who loves Punk and its attitudes by the artistic music. 

Strange, weirdy, fun and silly but creative – that’s what you can get through the courageous silliness products made from Growing Mold’s Earth vs The Earthmen, Waltzing on Eggshells, Bag O’Bones or I Eat Kids sounded evil.              

Growing Mold:

Investigator War (Xtreem Music 2017)

   Violence, society, death or suffering-based subjects of themes off Ljubljana – Slovenia's Panikk within their Thrash Metal attacks like old version of James Hetfield’s garage days era but sounded modern with the cross-over vocals and old-school style with Gaspaer Flere on guitars and vocals, Rok Vrckovnik the bass player, Crt Valentic on drums and guitarist Jaka Cresnar; drilling the hole on your wall, your ears and your brains by their massive explorations within the fast, loud and smashing music sounds via the warping time traveling of wormhole to elsewhere unknown on Discarded Existence. 
Nine tracks of total blast, killer melodic guitar solos and metallic patterns drumming through Under Pretence, Rotten Cells and all the way of fully charged destruction of your conscious-self being sucked into another dimension after the Outro’s done. 

Discarded Existence:

The Border (Virgin 1989)

Bankstatement isn’t just a word but an actual New Wave/Pop-Rock sophomore band formed by Tony Banks of Genesis with his background as a former of one thus legends in Progressive Rock realm; the greater harmonization over vocals, musical arrangements and composing good record by tracks with his compatriots of male and female musicians/singers – Jayney Klimek and Alistair Gordon through this group as they’re managed to release a solo project album for the genesis keyboardist within this self-titled. Credits, debits or the balance of thus measuring and calculations won’t be sounded disappointed while you trying the recording on your stereo where songs of Soft-Pop and Pop-Rock sounded peaceful and non-ridicule to catch by our mainstream charts for loving them on Throwback, I’ll Be Waiting, Queen of Darkness, Raincloud to That Night; telling that hopes are still clinging around the tip-points of life for you to collect for the future days Prog-pops. 


Dodens Vingar (Xtreem Music 2015)

   Post-apocalyptic horrors, darkness and death ruling the most mian framed basic lyrics and extreme music situations for these finest Death Metal/Doomsters collaborations of Sundvall (Sweden)/Bristol (England)band’s Ashcloud in their first album where the consisting members exist in duo of the Extreme Metal-heads; Jonny Pettersson (vocals, guitars, bass) and Gareth Nash (lead guitars, vocals) as the growlers and low-screaming seems to picturing how the terrorizing disturbance of the living dead corpses fronting the modern world community – creating much demise and death crawling, staggering but frontal in movements – driven by hunger of the living breathing creatures they’d met. Consuming the strong and bravery of even the most heroic ones to be shaken for seeing their appearance minutes before tasting the jaw of infectious power-rage of the undead rotted bodies came in your path. Abandon All Light shows all the mess in front of your eyes where blasting music and roaring vocals has given the tracks like A Hundred Years of Darkness, Watch You Children Burn, Devoured Alive and The Second Wind is Coming – shall stopping you from planning in failure but run yourself as a lonely survivor facing obliteration.

Abandon All Light:

Hour Casket Breed (Metal Blade Records 2017)

As the depressive wind blows like whispers, the introduction which harmonize-made following the brutal killer tracks of fast, extreme and destructive essence of Entrails’ music via Serial Murder (Death Squad), Into Eternal Fire, The Soul Collector to Dead and Buried done to grab your attentions with the infamous combinations off Death Metal/Grind-core, Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal generally through World Inferno as the band's latest for destroying your stupid clients or relatives from keeps being happy again when in the sudden – the world has reached its last days with the giant stone from outer-space incoming touchdown towards our planet just like the skeleton’s army squishing the globe in turns until the planet being crushed into pieces …

World Inferno:

Divine Revenge Art (Xtreem Music 2017)


   Pure Death Metal offered fucking well by the legendary bastardos of this Spain’s extreme music scene most notorious group named Aposento – as they’re coming from the territory of Logrono, La Rioja. Featuring Manolo Saez (guitars), Manu Reyes (bass), Mark Berserk (lead vocals, lyricist) and Gabriel Valcazar (drums) sending us their second maximum recording full attack album via Bleed To Death. Head-bang your damn heads through the force-speed ahead massacre doomsday music with the mix for Black Metal, Doom, Thrash and many more affections over the influence-based on occultism, Satanism, anti-religion or blasphemy and gore terrorizing the stereo system in grind.
   Let the mega-destruction or torments rules for Partially Deceased Syndrome, Portrait of a Killer, Maleficarvm, Cannibalistic Communion and let the dead being chained while the evil itself being released to this crucible world of the pathetic in enslavement !

Bleed to Death:

Indolence Of Seeder (Xtreem Music 2017)

Take this compilation of record being released by Neuntoter – the Pamplona/Iruna – Navarre extreme Black Metal/Death Metal band consisting of a trio: Naxto “Vomitor/La Cosa” on bass guitar and vocals, Peyo “Hellbanger” the drumming beast and shredder mastery by Sergio “Monsters Invocator” writing their terror music and lyrics about satanic’s subnormal words to gore and destruction as Grindcore rules your fucking ears with these twenty-eight compiled songs there to blasting your freaking damn globe apart even if most of those tracks sounded a little bit poor in quality but still for those whom digging Obituary much; this recording – Stench to Stench will be extremely excited to listen. 
Pentagram sign on the floor has been drawn as the naked woman chanting to summons the demons to copulating her as the background songs of horror metallic brute sounds upon Scumfixion, Consumed in Gore, Rot Alive, Emetic Foulness, Don’t Pour The Gore to State of Putrefaction and Vein Effect shall make the leprous trance in madness shambles, the blind can smell their own thirst of the blood of the living, religious society will be slay in entirely and the world once again been cleansing by Neuntoter to its root with mankind no more !

Stench to Stench:

Magnum Incendium (My Graveyard Productions 2012)

   Epic Heavy Metal produced out of Rome, Lazio; telling the listeners about thus themes based on medieval history or poem and Christianity through decades from light to darkness and back, meeting this Martiria’s compelling stories made through lyrics and tracks of metallic symphonic sounds really might amusing to you especially those whom loving Heavy Metal with melodic and power-groovy speed much just like the example ruling records from the band here on the epic Roma S.P.Q.R as the four-piece metal-heads Federico “Freddy” on vocals, Umberto Spiniello the drums-basher, Derek Maniscalco the bassist and guitarist Andy Menario proclaiming their essential epic blasts of magnificent solid format of metallic music as the tales with one of the mightiest empire on earth leading its role to conquering most of Europe, Midwestern Asia to North Africa within the ultimate highest achievements of both power and influences to the downfalls through the semi-Classic affections and the great skills of powerful tempos in advance telling us about Spartacus, Britannia, Byzantium, Tales of Two Brothers and Nihil Aliud Quam Superstitione where the modern and ancient cultures and ideology mixed into one within social assimilation of peace or greater wars expanding. 

Know that the realm of topographic beliefs would never be the same again in related. 

Roma S.P.Q.R:

Dronsz Sonnengeflecht (Brain 1975)

   Begun with the seeing advertisement on newspaper that caught the interest of Jurgen Wentzel and Heino Schunlzel as well as guitarist Carlo Karges build Mosaik but later changed the name to Novalis; within organist Lutz Rahn and Hartwig Biereichel on drums on the midst of seventy-one era which then providing the band a good opportunity for spreading their awesome Majestic Progressive Rock with Folk or Space Rock intention towards the second efforts as the self-titled album for the group almost four years later and those German lyrics and title of music really seems to attracting attentions from more fans of Prog-Rock and as you hear it yourself; one will finding out that the recording really must have been classifies as one of thus remarkable good records to completes your Prog-Rock collections with many solo performance, jam-session displaying the individuality performance as one uniting sound intended through songs like Impressionen, Es Farbte Sich Die Wiese Grun or Wer Schemetterlinge Lachen Hort as you might later figure-out the meanings but before that even thus songs can tell the story of imaginative and reality being pressed into a book called life and its gifts surrounding us. 


The Van (Translation Loss 2016)

Call of The Void might sounded like a bunch of Sabbath followers trying to deafening people within their excessive Doomy Metal riffs but fortunately, it’s not really a certified Doomsters for you except you liking Hardcore Metal firing out like a canon shoot that can blow up the entire base-camp of enemies with several good shots on it. Like no harness needed to attach on your extreme flavored music sounds like the blast of this E.P album within the recording AYFKM (might stands for: Are You Fucking Kidding Me) featuring the angry energy from Alex Pace, Gabe Morales, Gordon Koch or Patrick Alberts – stamping your forehead with these mighty recording release and the triple skulls of semi-occultism respectively, scares most of the conservatives or the ignorant ones having the relevant sub-themes about crimes and violence in real life like Throwing Bullets or On and On because you would get this Hardcore music like Never Enough. 


Whiskey Galore (And Justice For Roll 2014)

Taste like Megadeth testing a younger Metal-Core vocalist while giving up on making Thrash Metal instead then performing the newer Death N’ Roll music may has been given a proof towards this actual one-man solo project of Heavy Metal Speeding sounds called himself as Blacksheep but our Bucharest-Romania multi-instrumentalist and metallic singer Liviu Gugui with his compatriots: Cuza Penescu (drums), Andrei Costan (guitars) and Silviu the bass player helping him to make a different anthem via these maniacal surrogate of noisy riff-age and distorted sounds for The Future Started Yesterday which eventually, not trying to pretend that sometimes the music may burst-out like twigs of more Classic Heavy Metal branches or some sub-genre format but generally – you will be satisfied enough for having either Metallica, Deep Purple or other humorous, ironic and brave or sincere like a incoming blast of Heavy Rock form via 11th Commandment (Thou Shall Not Get Caught), No Day Like Today, Nation – Tagged to Freefall and Hope Left For Dying. 

Eastern Europe’s Metal-music scene must been busy on their own this years. 

The Future Started Yesterday:

Sperm From The Beast (Bandcamp 2017)

   Thrash Metal mixed with a boner for sexually libido rising or a Death Metal sensual mentally addiction to torture and kill after raping in essential disfigurement of sounds as the distorted heavy riffs to the devastating drumming blasts as well as the solo/intro melodic that slays hard to your ears protecting the non-innocent nurses to be banging by patient x army inside the small clinic when the time isn’t perfectly right and Dick Vomit releasing this pathetic superb metallic-tempos album entitled - Terminally Chill within eleven faster tracks like the whips from hell-house to the slave’s back on doing labor jobs expanding evil and crimes everywhere. From guitarist/vocalist Richard Puke to Peter Piss the drummer to Scrotty Iommi on bass and their interpretive dancer/sensitive artist  Fozzy Quazar off Macungie, Pennsylvania given the retarded Heavy Metal extreme music drills onto your head by The Unholy Ejaculator, Wrath of the Goatsucker and Fetus Snatcher may sharing the same visible madness today ! 

Terminally Chill:

Re-Humanized Luz (Bandcamp 2017)

Been told for about almost 8 years in the making and too many names to mention but Brass Spike Phantom may not be just a regular recording session project because when you opening your ears for it, this The Lost Traveler’s musical product would displaying much more strange and odd sounds mixture like the combinations between Alternative Rap Rock, Classic New Age, Epic transformations on Hard Rock, Black Metal to Goth orchestral and some might liking them. Performed by the main figure of Colin Carr of Sacramento, CA with many influences as the music for him can be a healing possession to others as one can listening through Ojos Del Sol (Eyes of The Sun) or Tragic Hero to Enkidu or Daimoku (Chant) - closing the verse chorus verses for accepting the incoming Breath of Summer …

The Lost Traveler:  

Borre Fen (Gnarled Forest 2009)

From a trio of three metallic-heads to a duo just about Stan Reed and William Rage; this Seattle – Washington group that mixing their Experimental Noise Electro-Metal after baptizing themselves as Blue Sabbath Black Cheer to release this independent scary recording Dead Death, Death Dead not for joking but a real threat to society of normal people living in harmony where anomaly and abnormalities probably, will be thrown out rather than stays on making stain towards the modern, advance and reliable tolerated civilizations of the global planet. 

Ended by the Untitled track or being crushed through the bludgeoning distorted Victim within Black Acid shall infinitely showing that once a Grunge capital of the world producing terror-noises that haunts the sorrow planet without filters !

Dead Death, Death Dead:

Mochi Wild (Bandcamp 2015)

And yes, they’re a band from Seattle – Washington with the essential Garage-Pop, Post-Punk and Indie Folk sounds attached on their e.p recording of Powershake EP by Armadillo Hotel that consisting of seven-musicians independently making their ways by and for themselves on writing songs, composing music and arranging great sounds intact within the few tracks with urban-life themes; Isaac Schaaf (bass, background vocals), Navarre Herrera (guitars), Courtney Komai (violin), JT Baker (drums), Andrew Templeton (rhythm guitars, toms), Jonah Freedman (lead guitar, glockenspiel, synthesizer) or Nick McKiernan (lead vocals) dumping the Jangling harmless melodies on No Hero telling us about the utopia permanent peace should be started from your own neighborhood or Youth that get the attention for one whom not being aware about the surroundings just because you didn’t want to following a boring subjects but still you need to learn something type of story-themed barely – acting like an introduction for the audience to knowing more about Armadillo Hotel. 

Powershake EP: