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Zenith (C9 2015)

   Born as Denzel Rae Don Curry from Carol City – Florida; this American later turn-out to be one of the most successful independent Rapper and Hip Hop culture recording artist perhaps, never thought that his single Ultimate turned out to be one of the most playable and hits through-out the internet and among youtube’s viners nowadays stays at number 23 on the US Rap Digital Songs/music chart. As the huge waves of growing bigger and better genre off Rap /Black Music and Hip-Hop around the globe turns the tidal of music business and companies fought over the contract signings among reliable and sell-out old and newbie artists like fried chestnuts; for Denzel Curry - the infamous second album Imperial would be a must and brave steps to did and everyone’s know then that he and his album getting a blast higher and rising faster with a big thank to once again the internet and social media for distributing the music shares. With the producer team of Ronny J, Nick leon, FNZ, $uicide Boys, Lino martinez, Promnite to Freebase or Steve Lacy; seems like the Gangsta/Thug-Life beats of the bastard sons will conquering the world music again that shows of course about Rap music or Hip-Hop is evolved and develops as they’re still twisting the lyrics and rhyming through the violence themes and sexual addictions over money, hoes and shiny cars and Bling Bling via Gook, Sick & Tired, Knotty Head (featuring Rick Ross, Narcotics to Pure Enough or If Tomorrow’s not here feat. Twelve’len.