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Young Ghost God (Astralwerks/Capitol 2015)

   Doing the solo of her own after several collaborations and featured beauty shows with other artists as the materials here for Halsey as singer and song-writer would be gladly, sounded poppy, danceable and rhetoric as early life career turning brighter for the brown-haired girl from New York as she was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane from Italian, Hungarian and Irish descents uniting the unique parts for her as the time is perfect for releasing the debut album – Badlands for Halsey to sounding as herself. As being helped by Tim Anderson the multi-instrumentalist musician as well the written songs by the collaboration of Ms. Frangipane with Peder Losnegard for Castle the opening track or Hold Me Down that sounded crispy and yummy like the elegant Pop written also by Joseph Khajadourian and Alex Schwartz to Roman Holiday which produced by Captain Cuts and Haunting or Colors that created within the good collective works from Halsey and Tim Anderson or Dylan Bauld. 

The realm of Electro-Pop, Synth-Pop and Alternative sounds may touching you already and this album would make it getting even worse like acute addiction.