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Wrack Uhy Youi Yoi (Mexican Summer 2013)

Psychedelic, Punk, Shoegaze and Alternative Rock music will always having its good standing spots in Canada and proving that is these band of blondie duo babes: Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd establishing themselves behind the simple naming group – No Joy.
Not ridiculously included the main problem for not having fun at all on the contrary, these girls founding their freedom under the impressive independent circle on being true to themselves by making music as they’re wanted to be sounded like and the results are here within No Joy’s buzzing noisy replica towards the album of Wait To Pleasure. 
The best of the worst betting points in their lives but never a regret as most of the Alternative and Grunge/Garage and Post-Noise Rock fans might finding this recording leads them to a experimental burst  where white girls truly found their essential madness as the vomit of soft distortions, projects upon sharing lyrics which honesty and simple pointing right on the spot like an arrow shot fortunately hits its target to be proven there via Hare Tarot Lies, Prodigy, Slug Night, Lizard Kids, Lunar Phobia as well as Ignored Pets or the opening track shows the gate of the next “girl-power” composing sounds on E. 
You may follow the stairs on the pink painting – either you choose to going up or the other reversed direction; there’s always a good music and two blonde girls waiting you for opening the path or slamming the door as they’re pleased. 
No Joy – actually, are an indeed; faithful by their distorted noise not to bow down to man’s world no more.