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Worry La Bamba (Virgin / EMI 2006)

   Already made several weird albums during their career of entire musical projections from the first step when the group formed as an Electronic Disco-Pop scientific program as an indie format composed of noise explorations by militant views out of vocalist Michel Moers, radio DJ and Jazz musician Marc Moulin and music programmer/sound engineer Dan Lacksman and naming it Telex. A successful complex materials made into recording and shows to the long hiatus didn’t really kills Telex cause then their never exhausted brilliant ideas happened to be raising again on the releasing of the newest invention on the album – How Do You Dance ? A sophomore release which refers everything based on the non-commercial thoughts of mastering the experiments through noises, samples and synthesizers resulting those ten new songs booked inside the very odds performance on This is Your Song, On he Road Again, J’aime La Vie, White Noise or Move! And Jailhouse Rock; as the band relating their special effects format within the descriptions drawn on the front cover of little figures electrodes humanoid as they’re dancing non-stop following the colorful meaningless beats and signals.