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Wooden 1959 (Bandcamp 2017)

Bursting their young emotional egoist but not for being megalomanic but expressing the total views about how new rockers like them unites under the baptized name of Kitsune (Japanese words for the fox) as the group consisting of four-piece melodic Post-Hardcore and Punk Melodic rock-heads trying to grab some good positions on the surface of the Emo-Rock scene agains after the previous first wave of it already dies and forgotten. Same like their album title – Braver; actually, this recording also plotted the new enclosing touch around thus youngsters or teenagers in case – they’d interacts and then, attracting back within this good positive and less-depressive type of new modern rock music creates during the last days of the year before new millennium arrived. With Braver; Kitsune (the band) really sounded that they’re trying so much to not copying Saosin or other semi-legendary names pioneering or becoming martyrs for this young and still needs more to learn and stand up again but you might realized that the riffs might sounded technical and inviting while the crunchy vocals singing Faceless, The Girl in Green or A Long Farewell and Time’s End to Legacy should be appreciated.