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Willy Use A Billy (Epic 2003)

Move your body for the silliness form of Euro-Dance acts beats as they’re made spontaneously stupid by these duo of interracial couple; a white blonde girl named Lyane Leigh and a dark established musician Raz-Ma-Taz aka Richard Michael Smith are the Germans with several intrigue and changes on the female-side vocals from Lydia Madajewski, Jeanette Christensen to Yasmine as the late former vocalist Lydia and then, Lyane back to back replacing the gap as well as the rapper David Brandes or Michael J Gibbs even Terence D’Arby was once rapping for the group too. E-Rotic must have been successfully, bigger in Japan while the consistency becoming their problems since then as well. Commencing the pure House-Music and Techno-Pop bubblegum sounds through their party-fun anthems and relative sensual beats of clubber’s dancing which suitable for those whom really into the addictions of those type of music chosen; Total Recall providing to you the most new resources upon how to be able for everyone to dancing crazy all-night long trancing towards this recording and live-performance led by E-Rotic within Fred Come to Bed or L.o.v.e – Sex on The Beach, Kiss My Lips, Lemmings on The Run to Do it all night and Gotta Get it Groovin’ that mostly – spreading the free-love messages via the bombastic fast and fun sounds as they’re back-grounding a self-pleasured for being interracial(ly) relationships examples to follow by more couples around the globe; on this Trance/Euro-Dance or Pop-House composing themed just like Raz-Ma-Taz did to all of his white girl partners or the bad effects would be only those white women refused to obey any white male anymore after tasting the music and the dark meat  - right to their G-spot. 

Total Recall: