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Williamton Stepchild (Rykodisc 1995)

   The super-group made by a collaborative in effective union between some of the infamous Alternative band members around Minneapolis, Minnesota USA as being confirmed before within Gary Louris and Marc Perlman from The Jayhawks to Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum as well as Kraig Johnson (Run Westy Run) along by the teaming-up friends from The Honeydogs, Big Star or The Replacements to Wilco as the baptized All-American Alternative Pop,Country, Folk and Rock band sounded like a newer version of The Travelling Wilburys collection recording – Golden Smog. On going by releasing their first debut recording in the midst of nineties; Golden Smog also pioneering the next trends where several collaborative musicians from various groups dealing with their ego to uniting the indifferences via Rock music in general as this one while the influences from each personnel really endorsing much for the enriched materials performing here on  Down By The Old Mainstream; beautifully sharing the rural environments sunny touch, cold stream natural and many Midwestern excellent taste of cultural and music sounds through fourteen tracks available such as V, Ill Fated, Pecan Pie, Yesterday Cried, Glad & Sorry or Won’t Be Coming Home – just like a broken promises or heart-felt feelings in an intersection on nowhere trying to find its way back to the good old civilization and friendly people but far from pollutions and big crowded cities behind the horizon. Such a great collective works with the helps from man additional musicians like Rodney Amber on organ and piano, Jarret Decatur on chamberlin, harmonica, mandolin, slide guitar and many more to Anthony James for vocals lending and Leonard Saratoga on drums/sound effects to Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum paying his respect as a co-worker on vocals as well.