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Wild Dogs Eaten (Bold Stroke Records 2010)

Hard and heavy rocking music which carries the essential Hair-Metal and Glam Rock possessions on its rootsy sounds – the Orebro, Sweden Christian Heavy Metal group named Motherlode might at first being formed as the answer of the local rock scene for Def Leppard made of Baltic Sea but then slowly and reformed – the band which consisting of vocalist Sonny Larsson, guitarist Thomas Nilsson, drummer Par Hjulstrom, keyboardist Fredrik Backman to bassist Johan Evertsson as being established in the early eighty two’s; not quite well deserving good reviews and critics from the music media. 
The band disbanded or had a member changing for several times until the next new millennium giving another chance to them and Motherlode once again screaming loud as the releasing of their second album: Tomorrow Never Comes finally finished. 
Successfully or not, the five-piece keep on praying and rocking harder with maybe a slight good opportunity will delivering that lost little girl in the woods - a starting step front which luckily most of the Heavy Music lovers and LA’s Hair Metal-based fans plus European melodic ballads blending for Predators, Crying, Bring Me Down, Promises or Ice Cream Man to Crawling Through The Desert can guaranteed that most of you would loving to hear them – live and loud !