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Whiplash I Said (Kuriosa Records 2014)

   Long after the lost in the crusades; our few warriors of faith The Trash Templars coming home with more experiences from a strange-land of Fuzz carried their bewildering raw attitude for rocking the brain out using thus four-chords bashing and Pop tuned influences as once a myth but not like blood-lining as related to Jesus Christ but more rowdy, throbbing and purely trashy like the band’s name; through this extended play recording with the self-titled album showing all of our beloved Templar’s trash unit there – Sir Rapp Scallion/Count of Thornhill (vocals, guitars), Sir FartaLot/Duke of Bellyfat (guitars), Sir Q-Nibert/Earl of Stonehenge (bass, backing vocals) and Sir Dreamchild/Baroness of Hastings (drums and backing vocals) originally from Fairchester or Bielefeld – Nordhein Westfalen cranking their Garage 60’s Teenage Punk power by the promising aggressiveness as the main offender and mass controls on some good romantic silly tracks like I’ve Been Thinking, I Want to be Like You to Steal Borrow Beg and Lie – would definitely keeping you dancing happy or trashy non-truce of destroying your living room listening to The Trash Templars e.p.