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Wave 1973 (Anti- 2016)

   Experimenting seems to be like forever to find the fusion for an imperfect sounds and the divine serenity within thus noises, samples and other worldy beings that may giving chances to this East Dereham, Norfolk’s singer, artist, music-writer, composer and producer inside Elizabeth Caroline Orton mind and soul. Known as Beth Orton whose initially working by recognitions with the famous names like William Orbit and The Chemical Brothers but this English talented female figure might never stops to keep experiencing almost every single thing that she encounters or already met or done to a next newer high level same like her musical project truly. Solo themed music-making which blending Alternative sounds, Indie-Pop, Electronic and Trip-Hop to many branches on Pop culture might easily captured on her recording releases including this new album – Kidsticks. As beth orton voice falsetto-ing like a unique sparks on air that breaks the silence – the proud independent music from her will definitely providing the mature prospects for curing an immaturity things dwelling in every single of us as an infection that slowly fading our good perceptions about how we looking towards the planet and the population that grows within it; Kidsticks commencing the variable of many kinds of personal and communal themes which may spreading more wiser images or messages through thus lyrics and noise collaborations via Petals, Moon, Snow or Corduroy Legs and Dawnstar. 

Let your spirits be fulfilled with gladness behind these blur anomaly music.