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Wander (OO Records 2016)

Ethereal Indie-tronic based from The Netherlands – Rotterdam to be exact as you might dragging deeper in slow-motion by the eligible softening erotic beats and plenty minimalist of dark icy cola beats that mesmerizing lighter vocals or deep bass-lines towards the work of these two female music composer and talented singersof DOOXS: Djoeke and Aniek a/k/a ANIK whose compelling their tribunal sessions of music making or playing live to the recording released for this mini album after the remarks single Nude hits the market – then, Under My Tongue follows. Basic Mid-Western neo modern architecture of sounds providing by these two girls really reactivated your moody feelings from ignorance to attentive and focus through the displaying of those thin sensual harmony noise gained by the building tempo in soft and arousing to your ears to be addicted soon when songs like Dirt or Melt hits the room temperature and making everything surrounds you seems to be a little bit seductive and colder or darker but never fails to tick your dirtiest imaginations not to think about cleavage, hottie buttocks and good liquor with smokes ...

Under My Tongue: