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Walk Across This Forest (Bandcamp 2017)

A new goody musical project that essentially, capturing all the session of celebrations as the Spring comes to your small rural town this year. In Love With A Ghost probably, shaping as an awesome Ambient/Chill-Out and Lo-fi of Down tempo dreamy Electronic Wave for soundtrack onto this package of Healing: a story about witches, magic and friendships combines within these remarkable recording as the witch-synth played by Azerty to the bass-destroyer by Qwetry to tchou tchou performed by Wagner or Nemu and thus grumpy tea cup or foley hums also recorded along with other samples noises from chiffon skirt, snapping twigs, fruit drops, sun-bathing or sorbet to deep sigh and caramel dreams mixed correctly in such a happy mystic special tunes of instrumentals written and composed with the strange funny tracks like I Know it’s not easy but You’re not Alone Anymore, Am I A Girl ? Am I A Boy ? Do I Really Care ? I’m Hungry Anyway or I Was Feeling Down When I Found a Nice Witch and Now We’re Best Friends – took a while to telling the audience that animated ideas can be matters if you made it proper and reasonable not only for young ages but to the older ones as well just like this example nicely mellow melodies.