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Vuitton (Dull Knife 2010)

   Houston products of retarded groovy Avant-Garde version of Grungy Alternative Rock taste like a drunken babbling mouth persons playing their weird music and trashing around for attentions can be related when you got the time to listen on Balaclavas; the hijackers masked people that came suddenly from nowhere to rob your gas station or kidnapping your mother and little brother as also injuring a taxi driver or the pedestrian while doing the process. The trio of Chaz Patranella (percussions, drums programming, synth), Tyler Morris (guitars, vocals, tapes, synth) and Brian Harrison (blistering their chemical violence sounds awarding the freedom of choices for making whatever kinds of music they wanted with no-respects for intonations, dubbing bilateral to the experimental echoes like a spiky snake eyes tars on Velcro which is sounding very entertainingly strange. Releasing this Roman Holiday as the cutting off the heads owned by the lifeless parliamentary leaders and common victims as usual caused by politics or economy motives might looking like a nightmare but fits for the track-lists according to Balaclavas through Nine Livers, True Believers, V2D2, Up The Newel with all thus tasty bass-lines and melodies made includes within the band’s music as the psychedelic vocals led.