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Vasterbotten (Razor & Tie 2013)

   Due to a condition that cannot be continued; Dennis Lyxzen of Refused/The International Conspiracy asking his comrades Sara Almgren, Richard Osterman and Anders Stenberg whose used to play for Lykke Li or DS-13’s Andre Sandstrom for joining force to the new spirit build music via INVSN as hailed from their native Umea, Sweden brought to you the quite Pop-Rock relative sounds but still mixing it with more progress messages on fighting the injustice or prejudice on society using the third releasing of this self-titled record. The six-piece promising moments that neither single of you would stop liking how the new image comes for INVSN and making differences in a friendly familiar cool beats to listen on Down in The Shadows, The Promise, God has Left Us Stranded to #61 and Our Blood should be a New Age old ways music match for the new millennium's independent global alternative cures for a liberated consciousness of the youth.