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Unstoppable Team (Bandcamp 2012)

Lesser-known artist but having the power to change your perceptions while got time to listening on his works right here – meet, Teflandon from Jersey City – NJ whose producing this cool mixed tape release between the battles of Hip-Hop Rap, instrumental beats and Electronic Chiptune borrowed some samples from the Sailor Moon series and elsewhere this Afro-American guy can find them. Giving the supportive for his own creativity without any expectation on attracting more women to kneeling down under him or bend over in front of him but surely, after hearing some tunes or two and four or five of them; your opinion soon will change from disrespecting to fully loving it. Teflandon seems not too embarrassed for dedicating the recording mix onto his own progress of shaping the music limits and mixture to be better and Moon Dreams might opening doors for him to make a change that we need to listen again or more like thus captured inside Red and Blue Stars, Grey Kingdom, Mars Mercury Venus Jupiter or Soldier’s Rebirth – allowing us to penetrate further privately virtual over beats of modern day youngster’s free-thoughts' firing-works ideology.

Moon Dreams: