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Tuulenvire (Vendlus Records 2011)

Traditional, primordial, shamanic and ancient tension captured inside the performance of the Riihimaki – Finland duet musicians that delivering thus colder, eerie and occultist themes like Folklore, Pagan beliefs to bestial old-time memory faded hidden behind the mists of mystery and magic beyond Mother Nature’s secret places scattered along the territory of the Northern realm. These Neo-Folk, Ambient or Heavy Metal-tinged sounds swallows everything around it while played as the chanting to vows of spells might be heard loud but sometimes comes out just like whisperings to the sharpen ears. As the pleasurable mystic music provided by Aslak Tolonen (all instruments) and Andy Koski-Semmens (vocals); the debut album creations from Syven entitled Aikaintaite with the concepts from the last glacial melting era changing the territorial landscape as imaginable of forest, lakes and hilly downstream in aesthetic animism using Finnish lyrics, mixture traditional music instruments such as sleigh bells, rainsticks and Lapland drums as the acoustic rhythms reign a bit supreme towards the live electric sounds the heavy riffs or ritualistic percussions like kantele giving the listeners more magical touch for this. 
You will kneel down and fell asleep before Jaankatkema (Hidden by Ice) in seven minutes ended after Jaljet or Tracks hypnotizing us for about nineteen minutes or the next one off Ne Jokta Selviavat Talvestamme (Those who Survive Our Winter) comes in for about eighteen minutes and counting ma sounded true.