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Triangle Pink (Bandcamp 2011)

   Ripping your stereo guts with the buzzing distorted guitar riffs and fast drumming both being performed by Nico Warhol (vocals, guitar, bass) and Derek Calhoun (drums, vocals) trying their best ability of making an excellent and simple rocking sounds via their group called Wives that actually, releasing this mini Self-Titled recording that bursting the edgy power of independent raw energy not for commercial consuming but widely – delivers onto those whom liking the real meaning of liberty as being free to cranking thus six-strings whenever you wanted to and as louder as you can just like these example fuzzing sounds through Sick Fetish, Bad Partnership or Tough Love and you shall love to check out the sexy front cover of Wives album as well – just like a mystic Rock N’ Roll present not for your birthday presented by the love of modern rock goddess figure.