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Tierra Buena (Independent 2016)

Completed the formation of their Hardcore and Punk-Pop as well as the little bit Heavy Metal-tinged with Logan Miracle (vocals), David Nunes (guitars/vocals), Henry Cota Jr (bass guitar), Kody Rattler (drums) and Jon Habermacher (guitars) led these infamous lesser-known Phoenix, AR within the Post-Punk millennial modern sounds which sound-tracking the seemed to be a theme of deserted deserts living over the reanimating of Alternative Rock under the name of After The Calm with this one presentation on Ignis Fatuus. You might seeing and listening towards thus awesome sounds which blistering and comfort to all heavy rockers audience. In between that melodic music, cool vocals, excellent drumming to pretty much powerful twitching groovy beats for With Haste or False Idol or Bragging Rights – would easily drilling the hole into your brain and the force awakens blasts like the cooler side of Papa Roach offers you much better and awesomeness directly through-out the fence of a border-less land; finding the similarity brotherhood among Bloodlines. 

Ignis Fatuus: